Cloudschool Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudschool?

Cloudschool is a free web application that allows teachers to easily create and deliver lesson content. Teachers can publish lessons, homework and assignments to their account for students to access at any time on any device - without needing to log in. We want to uncomplicate the lesson creation and delivery process for teachers everywhere. Cloudschool is simple, modern, and free, and is designed to streamline lesson creation and delivery in today’s digital world.


How does Cloudschool work?

Cloudschool is very simple - teachers use their Cloudschool account to create lesson content, homework, and assignments. They can then choose to “publish” some, or all of their content to their public "teaching space" where students can easily access it from anywhere, on any device, without needing to log in.


How do teachers use Cloudschool?

Cloudschool is easy to use and teachers can begin creating and delivering content to their students within minutes.

Most teachers use Cloudschool in their classroom as a way for their students to easily access lessons, homework, and assignments. It's a no-fuss, beautiful solution to a real problem. Other teachers use Cloudschool for their planning because of the built-in curriculum standards and easy-to-use lesson builder. It’s really flexible and can be used in a range of ways to suit individual teaching styles.

To get started, simply create a free account at, and we'll guide you through the rest.


What can teachers create using Cloudschool?

With just a few clicks, teachers can create engaging lessons, homework, and assignments using almost anything they can think of. For example: Video, Images, Music, Class Discussions, Curriculum Standards, Worksheets, Homework, Assignments, Files, Links to websites, and PDF Books.


How much does Cloudschool cost? is 100% free for individual teachers and it always will be.


Why is Cloudschool Free?

The way education is delivered is changing rapidly and educators need a way to easily and quickly adapt to teaching in the modern digital world. Cloudschool is free so that all educators can enjoy tools that streamline the core aspects of their profession, and provide space for them to do what they do best – engage students and facilitate learning. 

In our digital society with all of our incredible technology we believe a quality education can and should be accessible to all. We want to be a part of making this happen. This is our vision.


Is Cloudschool hard to learn?

No. Cloudschool is simple to learn and easily integrates into your daily teaching life. The planning environment is designed so teachers can create, organize, and deliver lesson content far more efficiently than ever before. The key to achieving this efficiency is how simple and easy Cloudschool is to learn and use.

David Price is a teacher from NSW, Australia who has been teaching for over 35 years and had this to say, “I’m not very technical, but I find using Cloudschool so logical and simple. Within a few clicks I can have my lesson set-up and am ready to show it to my students.”


Can I get Cloudschool in my School?

Yes. Cloudschool offers two types of accounts. The individual educator account can be accessed for free at We also offer a secure, school-wide account for schools to create, deliver, and audit teaching content. Cloudschool Campus is "the worlds simplest LMS" a no-fuss, easy-to-use solution for schools to manage their teaching content. School accounts are paid accounts. We offer a very affordable pricing structure compared to other LMS systems. If you would like to get the Cloudschool Campus LMS in your school please visit to view pricing and features. 


Who made Cloudschool?

The Cloudschool teaching platform is the brainchild of Peter Hubbard and his team. Originally a High School Design and Technology teacher himself, Peter now heads operations at Cloudschool is owned and developed by an Australian company Cloud School Pty Ltd.


Who should use Cloudschool?

Teachers and Schools who value simplicity and efficiency. Cloudschool streamlines all the core aspects of teaching so educators can focus on what they’re trained to do – facilitate learning and help students succeed. It’s the quickest, simplest way to create great content and deliver it to students in a way that naturally engages them.

If you feel like the demands of teaching are increasing when it comes to creating and delivering lesson content, technology integration, and administrative tasks like compliance and record-keeping, then Cloudschool is for you.


What else can teachers do with Cloudschool?

A lot. Although Cloudschool is most commonly used as a quick modern way to deliver lesson content, it’s also really flexible and has a range of other features that can help teachers on a daily basis.

For example Cloudschool has built-in curriculum standards that can be installed into an account and mapped to lessons. Teachers can share lessons and courses with their colleagues as a way to collaborate and share the planning load. Cloudschool also has a one-click feature for producing audit-ready documentation in Word or PDF format for compliance and record keeping.


Can I get a job at Cloudschool?

Yes! If you love what we're doing here at Cloudschool and would like to join the team, please send us an email. You may be a programmer, designer or teacher looking for an enjoyable team environment. You may also be keen to evangelise Cloudschool to schools in your local area. You can contact to let us know how you'd like to get involved.


I'd like to partner with Cloudschool, how can we arrange something?

We're always looking for ways to partner with individuals, schools, businesses and charities who share common values. If you've got an idea for a partnership with us please contact to let us know what you're thinking.