Introducing Cloudschool

Posted December 1st 2015 by Peter Hubbard

We've create the easiest way to deliver lesson content to your students - and it's 100% free. is an exciting free platform that allows teachers to easily deliver lesson content to students on any device. With students practically living online, teachers need to adopt a modern approach to delivering courses and lessons. With a account, a teacher can quickly and easily create engaging lessons, homework and assignments. Teachers can then publish this content to their public Teaching Space where students can access it at any time and on any device, without needing to log in.  


"We want teachers to know Cloudschool has been designed to make their professional lives simpler and more enjoyable."


We want teachers to know Cloudschool has been designed to make their professional lives simpler and more enjoyable. We think the LMS products out there are too 'administrator heavy', so we want to provide teachers with their own, beautiful LMS they can use for themselves.


What can be included in lessons?

Cloudschool makes it quick and simple for educators to create and deliver great content. With a few clicks, teachers can insert a combination of almost anything they can think of into a lesson. For example: Video, Images, Music, Class Discussions, Curriculum Standards, Worksheets, Homework, Assignments, Files, Links to websites, and PDF Books.


Sharing Lesson Content

Cloudschool also lets teachers share lessons and courses with colleagues, complete with all lesson resources and curriculum standards. It’s a great way to collaborate on lessons, or share the planning load.


Simple compliance and record-keeping

As well as simplifying content creation and delivery, Cloudschool also addresses the tedious paperwork demands that have become a large part of the teaching profession. With a single click, teachers can download documentation of their work into PDF and Word formats.


Getting started with

Teachers can begin creating and delivering content within minutes. Simply visit and create a free Cloudschool account today.