A Powerful New Update to Cloudschool

Posted May 31st 2016 by Peter Hubbard

We designed Cloudschool because we're passionate about technology for educators. In the few short months since our release, thousands of educators from 43 different countries have joined Cloudschool! We've been listening to your feedback and have been steadily improving our platform.

We've Made It Even Easier to Use

We've made some visual and functional changes to the user interface:

  • We've included a toolbar at the top of each page. It's now easier to use the main controls for each page. It also allows for a better experience on mobile and tablet devices.
  • We've also improved the way you receive notifications within the app. You can now view all notifications in a dedicated notifications view. 
  • We've added lots of helpful tool tips around the place when hovering on buttons.

Access all page functions with the new toolbar.


It's More Social

We've made it easier for you and your learners to have a discussion. 

  • You can now reply to comments, creating a richer discussion environment.
  • You'll receive a notification when a learner adds a comment or a reply to a discussion.
  • You'll receive a notification when a learner submits a file or response to an assignment.

Reply to comments and recieve notifications.


You Can Now Embed Interactive Content

We've included a new 'Embed App' lesson element. This allows you to add interactive content to your lesson using <iframe> code. Many websites offer the option to embed applications and other pieces of interactive content into webpages.

For embeddable, ready to use apps, videos and interactive content we suggest visiting:

For help embedding interactive content see our help article here.


Embed interactive content from many websites.


You Can Now Embed Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms.

We've included a new 'Embed Google Doc' lesson element. This popular feature enables you to insert a completely editable Google Doc into a lesson. Any changes you make to it will be reflected wherever else the document is in use.

  • Embed Google Docs
  • Embed Google Slides
  • Embed Google Sheets
  • Embed Google Forms

For help embedding Google Docs see our help article here.


Embedded Google Doc.


More Exciting Things to Come.

Soon we'll be announcing new features to support student accounts. This is a very popular request and we've been working hard on a neat way to implement it.

We'll also soon be announcing new premium LMS products for professionals and institutions.

  • Cloudschool Campus (our LMS for schools) will be officially launching in the coming weeks!
  • We're close to completing Cloudschool Professional, a professional LMS for individual educators.

Can't wait to show you!